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• range murata: published contributions •
Presented here are various professionally published items with artwork contributions from Range Murata.

robot Vol. 5
A4 size, ¥1890
©2006, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd.

Featuring comic work by: Range Murata, Hiroyuki Asada, Yoshitoshi ABe, Mami Itou, Kim Hyung-tae, SABE, shuzilow. HA, Kozaki Yusuke, Yumi Tada, Teicoku Syounen, Shin "Jason" Nagasawa, Fuji Jun, Houden Ezou, Shigeki Maeshima, Hirotaka Maeda, Miggy, Michio Murakawa, and Yasuda Suzuhito.

robot Vol. 4
161pp, A4 size, ¥1890
©10/30/2005, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. (official page.)

This latest volume features the work of Range Murata, Yoshitoshi ABe, Enomoto, OKAMA, Kouji Ogata, Yusuke Kozaki, SABE, Kei Sanbe, Yumi Tada, Imperial Boy, Shin Nagasawa, Fujijun, Shigeki Maeshima, Miggy, Suzuhito Yasuda, and RCO Wada.

robot Vol. 3
163pp, A4 size, ¥1890
©07/08/2005, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. (official page.)

Yet more of the same themes and work from 18 artists, including: Range Murata, Hiroyuki Asada, yoshitoshi ABe, Mami Itou, OKAMA, Osamu Kobayashi, SABE, Kei Sanbe, Imperial Boy, Kei Toume, Shin Nagasawa, Shigeki Maeshima, Yasuto Miura, Miggy, Kengo Yonekura, YUG, RCO, and Wada.

robot Vol. 2
163pp, A4 size, ¥1890
©02/2005, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. (official page.)

robot Vol. 2 contains continuations of some strips from Vol. 1, plus all new work by new featured artists. The official list includes: Range Murata, yoshitoshi ABe, Hiroyuki Asada, Dowmansayman, HACCAN, Ugetsu Hakua, Imperial Boy, Hirotaka Maeda, Shigeki Maeshima, Yasuto Miura, Miggy, Shin Nagasawa, Mie Nekoi, SABE, Kei Sanbe, Sho-u Tajima, Suzuhito Yasuda, and YUG.

[Additional info. / samples]

LASTEXILE ラストエグザイル 〜エアリエルログ〜
Last Exile Aerial Log
136pp, B5 size, ¥3360
©02/23/2005, GONZO/Victor Entertainment

Due out in late February 2005, this book will contain rough sketches and finished art by Murata, an episode guide, mechanical information, world and settings data, interviews with Murata, Koichi Chiaki, Suzuki Takaaki, and more.


コミティア 50th プレミアムブック
Comitia 50th Premium Book

122pp, A4 size
©01/2005, Bijitsu Shuppan-Sha Publishing

This release celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Comitia doujin convention. It features 82 pages of color illustrations with author profiles and commentary, and black and white sketches. [It is unknown how much Murata-related content is included.]

robot Vol. 1

164pp, A4 size, ¥1890
©10/2004, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd. (official page.)

Similar to FLAT, robot is a compilation release featuring short manga strips from 20 artists. Murata has edited the book and contributed cover art and one original manga strip.

[Additional info. / samples.]

[robot vol. 1 English release feature]

Character Design Bible, Vol. 4
162pp, A4 size, ¥1600
©2004, Graphic-Sha

CDB Vol. 4 contains more familiar character art-related content such as illustrations, interviews, tutorials, profiles, and more. Featured artists included are: Range Murata, Katsuya Terada, Akiman, Shishizaru, Yusuke Kozaki, Jun Goshima, Aki Shimizu, Shin "Jason" Nagasawa, Mikio Masuda, Ryohei Hase, Yasushi Nirasawa, and many more. Also included in this volume is an off-topic feature dedicated to "Five creators who will change Japanese film."

[Official information page.]

Tara Duncan - Young Magicians

The Japanese translation of this French two-part children's novel features cover artwork by Murata.

[Amazon Japan book information pages: Book one, book two.]

[Book 1 cover.]

Character Design Bible, Vol. 3
158pp, B5 size, ¥1600
©2003, Graphic-Sha

CDB is a mook featuring the artwork of various popular artists, with this volume featuring such names as Range Murata, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, and Shirow Masamune. Presented are a combination of full page illustrations, how-to techniques, interviews, and more. Murata is the main artist featured in this volume and has also illustrated the cover artwork.

[Official information page.]

Psikyo Visualworks Poster Book
40pp, A4 size, ¥2500
©2003, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd.

Psikyo Visualworks contains a single illustration of Shao-Hong [and the infamous mascot dog] completed by Murata for the Hot Gimmick series. The book includes 39 other singl-sided, full page "poster" images. The pages are high quality and appropriate for removal and framing if you want to sacrifice the binding. It includes contributions from other artists, including: Mine Yoshizaki, Katsuya Terada, Jun Tsukasa, Hirofumi Nakamura, Kouji Ogata, Masato Natsumoto, Gomoku Akatsuki, and Ugetsu Hakua.

[Shao-Hong illustration.]

導きの星 −目覚めの大地−
Michibiki no Hoshi -Mezame no Daichi-
[The Star of Guidance]
Novel by Issui Ogawa, four volumes.

Murata illustrated all four covers of The Star of Guidance, and some of the same artwork featured on these covers can be found in futurhythm.

[Amazon Japan book information pages: Vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4.]

[Volume 3 cover] / [Volume 4 cover]

Tsukasa Bullet: Tsukasa Jun Original Illustration Book
132pp, ¥3990
©2001, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd.

This Jun Tsukasa illustration collection includes one gift image and message from Murata towards the back of the book. [This same image can be found in futurhythm.]

[Illustration contribution (textless version from futurhythm.)]

Bitch's Life
Produced by Yasushi Nirasawa
118pp, A4 size, ¥2500
©2001, Graphic-Sha

Bitch's Life contains a single Murata illustration that has since been reprinted in the 4d works section of futurhythm. The book is a collection of original artwork from many famous Japanese artists, inluding Akira Toriyama, Masakazu Katsura, Katsuya Terada, Hajime Sorayama, and Jun Tsukasa. The book and all the artwork within has a hard-edged focus on sex, violence, violent sex, drugs, prostitution, gore, fetishes, bondage, and so on, and is not for the faint of heart.

[Bitch's Life illustration.]

Blue Submarine No. 6 GRAPHICAL WORLD
96pp, 8.25in. x 10in., ¥2000
©6/16/2000, Kadokawa Shoten Publishing

This official Blue Submarine No. 6 artbook features a cover illustrated by Murata and at least a couple of his other character drawings. Takuhito Kusanagi's animation character illustrations take up a bulk of the content, as well as mecha designs and CG work. A total of 64 pages are in color while the rest feature black and white designs.

FLAT - Printed collection of 30 graphic products
Book 1: approx. 160pp, book 2: approx. 160pp. A4 size, ¥3600
©11/01/1999, WANIMAGAZINE Co., Ltd.

FLAT is a massive compilation of manga-style works from 30 individual artists and was planned and edited by Murata himself. Murata's "egg story" strip is featured in FLAT, and was later printed in both editions of futurhythm. In the year of its release, FLAT has also won an award from the Japan Book Publishers Association for its unique book design in the comic genre.

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